Our Sponsors

Mad Swede Brewing    Mad Swede Brewing -  Jerry and Susie Larson are great people
    who make great beer!
They host our After Party, which begins as soon the Showcase     is over. So come on by and Drink Like a Viking!

        BizPrint supports our theater/film community, as well as the
         biking community, local music, and youth groups because
         we're local. We print where we live.


Design by Nich    We look good because we're Designed by Nich. Thanks Nich!

            Perception Insights    Customer Perception Insights  is a Boise based company
    that understands what Customers require from a business
     to become their Raving Fan.

Tending Toes    Tending Toes - Specially trained nail techs with medical
      backgrounds to help anyone with foot or nail issues.

Wanna be a Sponsor?
Contact us, or let us buy you a beer at the Mad Swede After Party!