May 2019

Cary Judd & Sean Conroy Mehen
"The Annexation of Time" 
Sean Conroy Mehen is a DP and grip with over 20 years of experience.
  Cary Judd is an aspiring stunt man & jack-of-all things media.

Rachel Swenson
"Shades of Charity"
 This dance film short is inspired
by stories of compassion. The Idaho Fine Arts Academy
middle school dance majors helped create this piece
with Repertory Dance Theatre’s, Nick Cendese,
 based on text they wrote about times they have felt,
 been given, or seen compassion.

Garcia Brothers
Andrew and Nate Garcia are brothers who grew up making movies together.
 In 2014 they started Ice Cream Entertainment with the purpose
 of telling cinematic stories with integrity. In a short period of time,
 they have produced content for some of the world's most
recognizable brands including Coca-Cola and Chevrolet.

Chris Phillips & Krystal Moore
"Dr. Who, Velocity, Ep. 3"
Doctor Who Velocity is a zero budget fan series.
 Each episode stars a variety of local Idaho talent. We've been featured
 on the BBC America website as well as streaming nearly 200,000 video clips
 so far across our social media accounts.

Phillip Stucker
Phillip Stucker is a Digital Media Designer born and raised in Meridian, Idaho.
 He attended Film school at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT,
 and directed "Entropy" as part of his Senior Thesis in 2013.

Sarah Kent
"The Art of Converse(ing)"
Sarah Kent is a freelance filmmaker living in Boise, ID.
“The Art of Converse(ing)” is her debut collaborative film project
in association with Bryan Bowermaster of Bowermaster Productions.
 Ms. Kent has previously been involved in the Boise community
 through theater (director, actress), dance (performance, choreography)
 and as an independent photographer.

Kody Newton
"Door 7"
Kody Newton can't stop dreaming. He is creating, making
 and there is no end in sight. Dude be crazy.

Elizabeth Findley
"Just One Girl"
Elizabeth Findley has been directing films since 2017
and this is her very first music video. In the process
 of filming the video she also joined the band
and  has already played a few shows with them.
She loves thinking of out of the box visuals and creating exciting story lines.

Mary Kienzle
"Watoto wa Ahadi"
Mary Kienzle graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees
 in TV Production and Music. She has been living in Boise
 for the past 10 years working as an Emmy nominated videographer for the local news.

Alex Hansen
"some bullshit"
Alex is a filmmaker living in Boise, Idaho.

Bonny Koodathil
"Taste of Your Lips"
Bitten by film bug, Bonny M Koodathil, an IT professional had always dreamt
 of making it big on the silver screen. A stepping stone
to his dreams, he directed 3 short films and his works
 have crossed 1 million views.
"Taste of Your Lips" is his first music video and it has been
 composed by a European musician.
 "Taste of your Lips" is the story of an artist who dreams about a girl he painted.

Mack Lewis
"Hellcats Highway"
Mack Lewis is a long time producer/director with
 over 17 years of experience in creating content
for the Boise television market. He has also produced
a neo-noir short film and 7 feature screenplays during that time.
 "Hellcats Highway" is his attempt to consolidate his love of horror
 and exploitation cinema into one awesome nugget.

Liudmila Komrakova
 "Taste of Night"
Luidmila is a Russian filmmaker who came to cinematography accidentally
 when she was over 50. She fell in love with Tango Argentina
 and in order to change stereotyped impressions of it as a dance in red dress
 with rose between teeth she found a filmmaking team, wrote the script,
 and found dancers and choreographers to create "Taste of Night".

Scott Grady
"Killing Tom"
Scott Grady is an award winning writer/director/actor.
He began his career in entertainment bringing home the title of "Boise's Funniest Person"
 (an amateur stand-up competition) in 2015. Since then he has studied acting
 at "Platform Boise" under the tutelage of April Matson. His first film "Swipe"
won "Best of Fest" at the "Idaho Laugh Festival". His second effort "Blend In"
 which he co-wrote with April Matson, took home "Best Film" and "Best Screenplay".

Ravenous Schnitzel
"Knock Knock"
Ravenous Schnitzel is a duo made up of Travis Wright and Tom Sanford.
"We here at RavSchnitz are HUGE fans of the comedy/horror/action/grindhouse genres.
 We cut our teeth on USA Up All Night (if you even know what that is,
you are our target demographic), Lloyd Kaufman flicks, and 80's horror.
We love these low-budget flicks! So much so, that we want to give back
 to a medium that has meant so much to us. So we have spent
the last 8 years doing just that. We're not trying to change the world
 with our films, just hopefully entertain.

Colossal Cinematic Showcase, May 19, 2019 - Country Club Reel, 4550 Overland, Boise, Idaho

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