Melina Marx and Larry Dennis team up once again to bring you an evening of short movies on the big screen.

MELINA MARX has been performing and producing theater and movies for over 13 years. In addition to being Executive Director of Colossal Cinematic Showcase, she is Producer of "The Kisk of Love" a short movie in production by Clam City Productions and X Marx the Spot Productions.

LARRY DENNIS has been directing and producing theater and movies for about 30 years. In addition to being Program Director of the Colossal Cinematic Showcase  he has directed 54 full length stage plays and made over 20 short movies and music videos.

COLOSSAL CINEMATIC SHOWCASE was born from a belief that movie makers should have an opportunity to show their movies on the big screen to their friends, family, cast members, and crew. So that's what Melina and Larry are about.

Larry and Melina